White Summer, Milan

white stripesHot weather makes people want to get into their smallest pieces of clothing, but if you happen to live in a city, it might not be the ideal fashion choice. Then follow the advice of this fashion crowd outside of the Andrea Incontri fashion show in Milan a few weeks ago. Throw on a white shirt, a colorful printed bottom, and you have a fresh outfit perfect for the summer days.

The french intellectual, Le Marais, Paris

paris street style

I’ve never been so inspired as in the historical parisian neighbourhood of Le Marais. In the chillier summer days parisians stroll between the boutiques and cafès wearing classic trench coats and black skinny jeans, an effortless look, yet timeless and always in style.

Corso Venezia, Milan

DSC_0102Call them the Three Musketeers of Successful Layering, they know that you can never go wrong with black and white. Notice the three outfits involving different textures and the juxtaposition of heavier black fabrics with lighter white ones: a heavy asymmetrical coat laid over a leather jacket and a plain white shirt, a shiny quilted jacket over an opaque wool blazer, a soft silk overcoat over a white sweater with a deconstructed collar. These layering techniques make the outfits interesting and unconventional, while the limited color palette keeps them sharp and put together.

50 Shades of Grey, La Fortezza, Florence

DSC_0097It is not difficult to recognize the effortless elegance of this young man, and it is not just because he looks like Prince Harry. The different shades of grey created by the perfectly tailored suit, tie, socks and handkerchief, add a layer of interest to the monochromatic ensemble. The dark brown leather shoes somehow do not interfere with the color scheme; by opposing the warm hued hair color of the young man, they create a symmetrical visual effect as well as adding interest to the look overall. This is further achieved by black details created by the watch, the camera and the suitcase at his feet. The outstanding elegance of this individual has not only to do with the quality of the items he is sporting, but also to the overall aesthetic visual effect he creates. It is in these cases that I am reminded of how closely fashion relates to art.

Piazza Duomo, Milan

DSC_0100I thought this was the perfect picture to post after I’ve been M.I.A. for a while. I love love love how these two gentlemen look, and how their outfits complement each other’s. The two are sporting very different styles: the one on the left is pulling off a classy-street look, juxtaposing creepers with an oversize envelope clutch and a graphic grey sweater. The other young man is full on modern dandy, wearing rundown classic leather shoes, tweed trousers, and a (dog-shaped?) broach on his camel coat. I also love how they are both wearing a shirt and tie under their outfits… and a mustache.

Corso Genova, Milan

DSC_0098I love this outfit as it is simple yet sophisticated. The rounded shape of the coat contrasts the angular details of the purse and the hat, adding to the interesting juxtaposition of different textures. This exemplifies how subtle attention to details can have a large impact on a look.

Blue Electricity, Milan Men’s Fashion Week

DSC_0204There’s nothing more eye catching than a monochromatic outfit within a crowd of black and beige. To break the monotony of the color, add a contrasting accessory, in this case the neon orange details of the purse. Also make sure the outfit is clean and sharp; electric blue has a tendency of making someone look like a smurf.